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Advanced Orthopedics Las Vegas, NV   Advanced Orhopedics
Amador County Hospital Amador, CA Radiology Renovation Amador County Hospital
Arizona Burn Center Foundation Phoenix, AZ   Arizona Burn Center Foundation
Barton Memorial Hospital South Lake Tahoe, NV Fire Alarm System Retrofit Barton Memorial Hospital
Battle Mountain Hospital Battle Mountain, NV Power Distribution System Upgrade Battle Mountain Hospital
Carson Valley Medical Center South Lake Tahoe, NV Fire Alarm Remodel
Orthopedic Surgery Renovations
Carson Valley Medical Center
Cheyenne-Campbell Medical Center Las Vegas, NV   Cheyenne-Campbell Medical Center
Chico State Student Health Services Chico, CA Sparks City Hall Basement Remodel Chico State Student Health Services
Dr. Camp Medical Building Las Vegas, NV Tenant Improvement and Site Revisions
Addes Square Footage and Breakroom Addition
Dr. Camp Medical Building
Dr. Paik Dental Office Las Vegas, NV   Dr. Paik Dental Office
Durango Medical Plaza Las Vegas, NV Equipment Changes
Biopsy Room Addition
Durango Medical Plaza
Enloe Hospital Chico, CA   Enloe Hospital
Feather River Hospital Chico, CA   Feather River Hospital
Fertility Center Las Vegas, NV Tenant Improvement and New Generator Fertility Center
Gastrointestinal Association Las Vegas, NV Metered Each Floor Gastrointestinal Association
Healthsouth Las Vegas, NV Cardiovascular and Physical Therapy
Laundry Building
Longford 5 Story MOB Las Vegas, NV Alliance Spinal and Behavioral Health
Engineering Office and Good Shepard Rehab
LipoDissolve and Nevada Heart
Parking Structure and Security System
Sonogram Imaging and Massage Pro
Longford Massage Pro
Manor Care Reno, NV   Manor Care
Nathan Adelson Hospice Las Vegas, NV Complete Redesign and Freezer Addition
Foundation Tenant Improvement
Nathan Adelson Hospice
Nevada Orthopedics Las Vegas, NV   Nevada Orthopedics
Oakmont Senior Care Facilities Carmichael, CA   Oakmont Senior Care Facilities
Renown (Washoe) Medical Center Reno, NV Additions and Upgrades
Remodels and Renovations
Fire Safety Retrofit and Electrical Evaluation
Laser Cooling System and Relocations
Site Lighting and Lighting Upgrades
Renown Medical Center
St. Elizabeth's Hospital Red Bluff, CA   St. Elizabeth's Hospital
St. Mary's Regional Medical Center Reno, NV Remodel and Upgrades
Replacement and Service Upgrades
Electrical System Coordination Study
NEC Code Compliance Upgrade
Fault Study and Equipment Upgrade
St. Mary's Regional Medical Center
St. Rose Dominican Hospital Las Vegas, NV 2nd Floor Cath Lab Renovation
64 Slice CT Scanner Project
Non Invasive Cardiology and Rehab Relocation
Room Revisions
St. Rose Dominican Hospital
Tahoe Forest Hospital Lake Tahoe, NV Code Compliance Upgrade
Health/ Wellness Suites
Tahoe Forest Hospital
UMC Las Vegas, NV 3 South Remodel and Angio Room Renovation
Computer Room Upgrade and Medical Waste System
New Patient Rooms and PACS System
Readiology Department Room Renovation
Trauma 4th Floor Offices
United Blood Service Las Vegas, NV   United Blood Service
Veteran Affairs Medical Center Reno, NV Audiology Lab and Basement Lighting Renovation
Building 10 and 12 Complete
Complex 'H' Addition and HVAC Systems Upgrade
Interior Corridors Lighting and Paging
Lab Remodel and Medical Media Services
Replace Electrical Systems and Lighting Protection System
South Expansion and Vacuum Systems
Warehouse Addition
Veteran Affairs Medical Center